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Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair

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  • $10,00000

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Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair


Therapeutic Heat Therapy

The Therapeutic Heat function around the lumbar region provides soothing relief from chronic lower-back pain. Heat therapy helps ease tension and stress, relieve arthritis pain, and heal sore muscles. Warm muscles are more pliable, making the massage treatments more effective. 

Zero Space Wall Hugger Design

The Hubble’s gliding recline mechanism takes up much less space, allowing the entire chair to fully recline when placed just 0” from any wall.

Zero Gravity Experience

The Zero Gravity Recline shifts the recline angle, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure on joints and organs. You’ll experience a floating sensation that over time reduces chronic pain.

Thermal Knee Massage

The most-advanced, full-featured leg massager of the Hubble’s Legrest includes a heated knee massage, targeting one of the most injury-prone spots on the body. During a massage, the leg massager will periodically slide up to the knee applying heat and gentle airbag modulations to stretch tendons and soothe painful inflammation. Choose from 3 levels of heat.

Other Advanced Features