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[2024] Mont Alpi Reviews

Mont Alpi is an “American owned and operated” company. We carry their products, and customers have loved the quality of their kitchens.[1] If you ask Mont Alpi they boast about their “peak performance,” not to mention the high style of their outdoor kitchens. [2] But what do their customers think? Let’s take a look at three of their units, to see which one is right for you. You’ll be cooking on (propane) gas in no time.

Store Choice: Mont Alpi 805 Island (MAi805)

Price: $

Classic and classy, the Mont Alpi 805 Island will meet and exceed your expectations. While its marine-grade stainless steel grills cook to perfection, its chic composite granite side cabinets allow you plenty of storage space. Let’s see how it measures up.


  • Arrives fully assembled (Though you need to connect each assembled module together for the full unit).
  • Control dials feature LED lighting, while halogen lights illuminate the cooking zone, so you can easily see inside.
  • Grills are 8mm, made of 304 stainless steel.
  • There are six stainless steel burners, plus two ceramic side burners (one at the side, and one at the rear.) In all, that gives you 38” by 18” of cooking space-not counting the warming rack!
  • Electric Ignition: this unit runs on propane, or natural, gas. Its nominal heat output is 115,000 BTU. Plus, the granite side cabinets and warming rack allow you to store food at temperature. There’s no way your food’s going cold.

Now you have the figures, take a look at what our customers love about the Mont Alpi 805 Island:

  • Mont Alpi is “American owned and operated”[3]
  • Spacious cooking zone and grilling area, with generous gaps between each grill rack.
  • A 15 year warranty on their cooking grills, if customers use and maintain them as recommended. Mont Alpi advises customers to:
  • Leave grills on for five minutes after cooking
  • Clean the exterior with an “oil based lubricant.”
  • Clean interior with “cooking oil and basting brush”.

This simple maintenance routine takes about 20-30 minutes (and spending time on maintenance saves you money on spare parts and replacements in the long run).

  • Great value for money. Equivalent products, such as Draco Grill’s 6 burner bbq, costs over a grand more than the 805 (as listed on Renovation Reserve)
  • Sturdy design: made with marine-grade stainless steel, this grill resists corrosion and heat over time. It will last several years, if cared for.
  • Customers love its stylish appearance.

What do customers dislike?

  • Pipe not included for natural gas. If you want to run this product on natural gas, you will need a natural gas hose of your own.
  • Manufactured in China, and not the United States.
  • Warranty is not valid where customers do not use, or maintain, this product as directed. Please note: Mont Alpi provide upkeep and cleaning instructions on their website: 

Runner Up: Mont Alpi 400 Deluxe Island (MAi400-D)

Price: $

This stylish design incorporates energy efficiency and ease-of-use. With six burners (including four stainless steel burners, and ceramic burners at the side and rear, for optimal heat dispersal) it encapsulates the class and quality for which Mont Alpi are known. But is it right for you?


  • Designed in Irvine, California.
  • Covered by Mont Alpi’s Lifetime warranty: where customers follow directions and maintenance guidance, Mont Alpi will replace most components free of charge. See
  • Nominal 78,000 BTU heat output. Though it’s not quite as much as the Mont ALpi 800 or 805, that’s still more than sufficient to heat a grill of this size.[4]
  • The main Grill unit measures 32"x23"x47,” while the left and right side burners are both 25"x23"x35.”
  • Portable, with gliding wheels, brakes and levellers.


Here are some positive review points;

  • No/minimal assembly required.
  • Customers commented on the “intelligent” design that “considers every detail.”[5]
  • Other reviews praise this island’s “high-tech” appearance. [6]
  • Versatility: This Island can be converted to run on natural gas, as well as propane, which gives you more fuel options.


Negative Feedback:

  • Outdated instruction manual: customers contacted customer service several times to ask for guidance around this product. On the plus side, Mont Alpi is known for “quality” customer service. You can contact their helpline for guidance during assembly. [7]
  • Some expressed that this unit was “heavy” to move on its wheels.


Runner Up: Mont Alpi 400 Deluxe Island (MAi400-D)

Price: $

All the luxury of the Mont Alpi 800 Island…now, in black!

  • 115,000 BTU Heat Output. Similar products, such as this 6 Burner BBQ from Draco, achieves only 90,000BTU nominal heat output. A high nominal heat output leads to fuel efficiency, improved cooking process and even heat dispersion.
  • Colour-changing LED control dials: you can know if the grill is on at a glance.
  • Black Stainless steel. Additional modules, also in black, are available from Mont Alpi.
  • Cooking zone measures 38 inches by 18 inches; a similar size to competing products, (like this Napoleon Prestige Stainless Steel Gas BBQ.) 38 by 18 inches fits about 30 hot dog sausages, eight steaks, or 10-15 burgers- perfect for feeding a party of guests!

What did customers like?

  • It’s easy to assemble: this item is user-friendly and cooks food “to perfection”.[9]
  • This Item includes a Propane Pipe and regulator: you won’t have to buy your own!
  • Natural Gas Pipe included at Ate and Drank!


What were some drawbacks?

  • Assembly instructions. Despite the easy assembly process,many reviewers described the assembly directions for this product as “sparse at best.” [10]
  • Heavy: Though trust pilot reviews are overall glowing, a few people struggled with this item due to its weight. [11] Make sure you adhere to manufacturer recommendations when transporting this product, and contact Mont Alpi Customer Services if you feel unsure.




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