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[2024] Mont Alpi vs Weber

Winner: Mont Alpi

But Why? Which is Better?

The fact of the matter is, it depends on what you're looking for. In our store, we've chosen to carry Mont Alpi.

To be honest, Weber and Mont Alpi are so different that I wouldn't even put them in the same category.

  • Mont Alpi makes outdoor kitchens
  • Weber makes grills (and a million other products), not outdoor kitchens.

What's the difference? Grills are for cooking only. Outdoor kitchens, like what Mont Alpi provides often have sinks, fridges and countertops built in.

Now, don't get me wrong, grills are wonderful. If that's what you're looking for Weber has an extremely reputable brand.

But if you're looking for an outdoor kitchen, Weber isn't even an option. Mont Alpi wins over Weber every day.

Our Store Favorite: Mont Alpi 805 Island (MAi805)

Price: $

This is the most searched Mont Alpi product out there - and for good reason. It's a beautiful outdoor kitchen (island style)

  • Where is it Made? Designed in California, manufactured in China (kind of like Apple iPhones)
  • Where does it ship from? Lake Forest, California (direct from the manufacturer)
  • How big is the cooking surface? The main cooking surface (not counting warmer or side burner) is 38" x 18". It's big enough to grill about 15-20 steaks or 20-25 burgers or 30-40 brats.
  • Infrared burners? Yes, in the rear. (Infrared is great for searing steak or cooking rotisserie chickens or pizzas)
  • What's it made out of?: 304 Stainless steel - a premium type of stainless steel that is the gold standard in the grilling industry for its even heating and corrosion resistance.
  • Do I have to assemble it?: Nope, it ships pre-assembled
  • How much does it cost to ship it?: We pay shipping. You don't pay anything for shipping.

How I Chose Mont Alpi as a Recommendation

I'll be the first to tell you; I'm biased. We carry Mont Alpi and so have a clear preference for their products. If you buy one from us, we'll get paid. But the main reason I chose Mont Alpi over Weber is because they provide outdoor kitchens. Weber provides grills, smokers and the like.

Why Should You Trust My Opinion?

Great question! Working at Renovation Reserve has been a real eye-opener into the world of outdoor kitchens. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know everything, but the reality is, I get to spend time looking at grills, countertops, kitchen accessories and learning what makes good quality vs bad. I also get a front row seat into what customers think (the good and the bad), so I get to learn from my experience and the experience of others.

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