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[2024] Best Wood Stove For Your Basement

Trying to figure out which unit is best for your basement? If you're looking to heat your whole house with a wood stove in your basement, the critical part is getting the warm air from your wood stove to other rooms in your house.

Wood Stove that Sends Air From Your Basement to Your Upstairs: Drolet Austral III with Heatflow S5 Forced Air System (DB03033K)

Price: $

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Drolet Austral III. As well as innovation, Drolet considers each of its designs’ environmental impact, and the Austral III is among the most eco-friendly models on the market at the moment. Why? It emits only 0.95g/h pollution particles an hour into the atmosphere. 

To be EPA certified, products must typically emit less than 4.5g/h per hour; making the Austral III emission rate exceptionally low. So, you can warm your home, and not the planet. 

Here are some other things you should know: 

  • Burns for up to 10 hours.
  • Nominal heat output of 90,000 BTU. Such a high nominal heat output makes for a shorter warm-up time, even in very low temperatures.
  • Heats areas of 900-2,300 square feet. (Bear in mind the average American home is about 2,300 square feet. If your home is bigger, this might not be the furnace for you!) 
  • Accommodates logs up to 21 inches. (Similar products, like the Peasant hearth 2200, can only fit logs up to 17 inches long.) 
  • Firebox with a 3.3 cubic feet capacity.  
  • C-Cast heat shield on the top, to protect the stovetop from the high temperatures produced in the firebox. 
  • Compliant with EPA certification. 
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Here are some rave reviews:

  • Customers enjoy the “roomy and stylish” design. Its “even and consistent paint” gives the Austral-III a “subtle sheen.” 
  • One reviewer praised the door’s roller mechanism that makes for a smooth locking/unlocking process. The stove is easy to open and close, (helpful when you’re loading heavy logs into the firebox!)
  • An efficient, slow burner. You’ll get the same heat with less fuel. 

And what doesn’t burn so bright about the Austral III? 

  • “No side shielding panels” means that this stove produces a lot of light.For many, this is a plus point, but it’s worth noting if you’re uncomfortable with bright light.

Heavy Duty Wood Burner to Heat Your Whole House:Drolet Heat Commander (DF02003)

Price: $

Drolet’s signature “innovation” shines through in the Drolet heat commander. It’s even smarter than it looks. An in-built thermostat is linked to controls that open and close air pipes at the top of the firebox. When the temperature outside is warm, some of those air pipes close to limit the combustion taking place inside the burner. When the outdoor temperature drops, it reopens the pipes to kick up the heat in your home. 

Apart from this innovative feature, what else should you know about the Drolet heat commander? 

  • Designed for low creosote formation; this reduces your risk of chimney fires, and build-up in your flue (less maintenance required). 
  • Can burn for up to ten hours, depending on fuel/ fire laying methods. 
  • Features a 3.6 ft³ firebox, which fits logs up to 21 inches (bear in mind the average length for a large log is 16-18 inches.)
  • EPA certified- this burner has a lower carbon footprint than traditional stoves. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Air filters help filter dirt before distributing hot air, reducing smoke and Co2 particulars in your home.

What do buyers love about their Heat commander? 

  • Performs well in sub-zero temperatures. Customers in chilly climates stayed warm in winter with the Drolet heat commander- that combustion control technology really works. 
  • Heats a whole house. One reviewer said the heat commander warmed all 1600 square feet of their home.
  • Wood fuel only: Many buyers found this burner produced sufficient heat for their home- without the need for central heating. 
  • Charming design. Many customers enjoy that the heat commander is “nice to look at.” It always helps!

  • Any dampers on this product’s performance: 

  • Damper performance. Some customers found this burner’s dampers made a “knocking” noise, though this didn’t impact its overall performance. 
  • Reloading required. In cold weather, this burner needs refuelling 2-3 times per day. This means you’ll go through more wood in low temperatures. 
  • Best if You Don't Want to Connect to HVAC: Drolet HT-3000 (DB07300)

    Price: $

    This crowd-pleaser is a customer favourite on Renovation Reserve, and it’s easy to see why. It’s modern appearance and slow-burn design make this a great choice for those searching for style and efficiency. 

    Here are some specifications: 

    • This unit burns for a maximum of 10 hours. Burn-time varies depending on what wood you use, how you lay your fire and maintenance. 
    • Accommodates logs up to 22 inches. Standard large fire logs are 12-18 inches long. The extra room allows you to pack your wood tightly, allowing for a slow, efficient burn. 
    • The firebox is 3.5 cubic feet. Conventional log burners have only 1.5-3 cubic foot capacity, so that’s very generous! 
    • Sturdy 5/16-inch steel top for heavy-duty use. 
    • Appropriate for use in mobile homes. 
    • Enhanced durability with insulated top panel. 
    • Certified by the United States Environmental Protection. EPA verified appliances have lower particulate emissions (pollution) than non-certified appliances, to keep your carbon footprint down.

    Why do customers love the HT-3000?

    1. Efficient heat dispersal. The HT-3000 spreads its heat around your house. One reviewer claims they have not had to use central heating this winter, as a result.
    2. Long burn times. It takes a while to burn through your wood, suggesting fuel efficiency.
    3. A worthy successor. Many customers selected the HT-3000 as a replacement for their old log burners and were pleased with how easy to use and spacious this model is. 

    …and some common complaints? 

    1. One reviewer said it was “hard to light”. (Not everyone has experienced this but figure it's worth mentioning)
    2. One review noted that it doesn’t heat up the space “as well as [they] thought” after installing the HT-3000 in their workshop/studio. It's important to realize that you need a HUGE wood stove to heat a space that is extremely tall like a barn or big garage.

    Did you enjoy this article? If you'd like to read more from us, take a look at our article about the best wood stove for an 800 square foot space. Take a look!

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